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JRS Planing

Another busy day at Jordan Road Surfacing as we continue to change the brand to JRS wrapping another W100 planer and a DAF CF truck.

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Luxe Lounge Beauty Clinic


We have recently changed the signage at Luxe Lounge for something bigger and bolder adding 2 signs to the exterior of the building aswell as adding a huge 2.2m x 1.2 selfie wall inside.

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Custom Printed Stickers


We can print and cut stickers to any size or shape, just visit our online shop to order or give us a call on 07894650466. 

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Replacement Mini Stripes

We were asked to replicate mini stripes that had started to peel over time, We too measurements from the old graphics after a few tweaks got the cuts perfect for the machine to cut out for badges.

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Peugeot 205 Rally Car Stripes

This customer wanted the famous Peugeot rally stripes on his rally car but not in traditional colours, the colours requested were matte black, gloss white, Red (car body), Silver and metallic grey. a bit more thought needed to go into this as each stripe had to be drawn in illustrator and cut individually out of…

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VW Camper Stripes

This VW Camper had existing candy skull stickers on each side. The plan was to add some pin striping to it but neatly cut out the outline of the skull to appear as the same decal as this candy skull design runs through out the interior.

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Yamaha Xenter 125

When we were asked to add a little bit of detail to this Yamaha Xenter we decided to use the curves of the bike to create small flashes of colour to help make the rider a bit more viable on the road.

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