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Scania R580 V8 for Jordan Road Surfacing Newark

This brand new Scania R580 V8 in plain white needed a little bit of a design to add a bit of character. We designed and fitted the Avery Cast wrapping film to each side along with a little of the same design between the front and back wheels. we also used 3M knifeless tape on…

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G3 MK3 Escort RWD Rally Car

Escort Rally Car

Not many colours look well with bright green so after looking at lots of options we decided to add some white, silver and black to create this pretty cool colour scheme. 

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Peugeot 205 Rally Car Stripes

This customer wanted the famous Peugeot rally stripes on his rally car but not in traditional colours, the colours requested were matte black, gloss white, Red (car body), Silver and metallic grey. a bit more thought needed to go into this as each stripe had to be drawn in illustrator and cut individually out of…

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